The Greedy NBA

All the NBA cares about is money. This claim can be supported with multiple statistics but I would like to support this claim with logic and morality.

The NBA is “scared” they will lose up to $1B if they start the season in January. Does anyone know how much they would lose if the players never played another game. Players like LeBron James and Chris Paul are worth more than $1B alone to the NBA. If I was Adam Silver I would be listening to LeBron James. He is one of the most influential sports figure in the world right now.

If LeBron doesn’t wanna play because he is “too tired” he doesn’t have to play. If I was Adam Silver I would push the season back until he is ready. Just think of all the extra money made from this successful NBA bubble season in Dinseyworld. True NBA fans like myself do not care who is in the stands they just want to see the stars play. The season could’ve been ruined because of COVID-19 but LeBron James an co made it happen. It was not Adam Silver, it was the NBAPA.

If the billionaires stopped arguing over pennies then NBA would be more profitable than any other sports league. They even limited what players can put on the back of their jerseys because they are scared of losing viewership.

Who cares? I want to watch LeBron James, if he wants to put Breonna Taylor’s name on his jersey he is allowed to in my eyes. The NBA is creeping towards the most racist professional sports organization. Adam Silver is that what you want? Let the players do what they want, they have earned that right. I’m not even going to get started on my stance on NCAA players getting paid, we’ll be here all day!

-Maxwell Schildcrout

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