NFL midseason review

With the changes to the NFL season, the NFL’s anticipation is more significant than ever. I cannot wait for the new format. 

The new format allows 14 teams in the playoffs instead of 12, an extra wild card team per conference for those of you who don’t know. 

Week 8 is my favorite week because most teams have played either 7 or 8 games once it’s finished. 

The 49ers have many obstacles to overcome; with the recent injuries to Kittle and Garopolo, their season remains in question. Any other year I would immediately write them off. However, with how wide open the NFC is, anything is possible. 

The winner of the NFC East will have a home playoff game with a losing record. I cannot remember the last time this has happened since the Seahawks in 2010. Once the playoffs start, every team is 0-0. The Eagles will not be losing their first playoff game. Based on last night’s game, I cannot picture a team winning the NFC East that isn’t the Eagles. They are the closest thing to a football team in the weakest division in the NFL. I don’t think any of those teams deserve a playoff spot over the 49ers or Bears. 

What makes the NFC so exciting is how wide open the playoff race is. I can tell you who number 1-6 will be in the AFC, but the NFC does not have a precise number 1. My favorite team is the Arizona Cardinals, and I expect Kliff Kinsbury to make a deep playoff run. However, the Vikings are more than capable of winning out, now that they have Dalvin Cook back. An 11-5 record would guarantee a playoff spot any year, but this year is no ordinary year. 

I will be monitoring the rest of the NFL season, and I will continue to make my picks for every game. 

I cannot pick a super bowl this early. But if I were going to pick, I would only choose the team that I thought had the best chance to make a deep playoff run. That comes from experience and good coaching. Mike Tomlin and Kliff Kinsbury are the greatest coaches in the game today. Belicheater does not impress me with how he’s handled Cam Newton this year. 

My WAY TO EARLY Super Bowl pick is Steelers vs. Cardinals. I can’t even predict a winner; I’m just excited for that game!

-Max Schildcrout

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