Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown, if you are reading this, I am going through the same thing as you right now. I know that I am the best at what I do. That is all that matters; my mom and dad support me with every decision I make. Family is more significant than everything. I am glad that you had the time to spend time with your family in the first eight weeks of the season because family is more prominent than football.
I saw your post today on Instagram with your kids. I shared it in my Instagram group chat with my friends from Binghamton. They responded with, “They will not win the Super Bowl, the Seahawks > Everyone else.” “He’s not bro he 100% has CTE, he’s unpredictable.”
My response was that I have CTE. I am unpredictable, I have confidence in AB, and that’s all that matters. These reasons are why the Buccaneers are winning the Super Bowl.
I am not allowed to bet anymore, but I would put all my money on the Buccaneers winning it all. Former teammates are looking out for AB, and he knows that his back is against the wall. He will not fuck up again because if he does, he is going to jail. His head is in the right spot.
THIS YEAR’s Prediction: Brady wins his 7th Superbowl. Proves that he is the greatest thing to happen to football, not Belicheater.

I am trying to build myself a platform so people can hear my messages. Right now, I am a joke to everyone that listens to me. What I’m saying is what I believe. If no one ever reads this, no one will affect me. I am glad I got these words on paper.

-Maxwell Schildcrout

2 thoughts on “Antonio Brown

  1. My preseason $20 for the Bucs to win the Super Bowl at +1050 is looking real good rn. Love you max I got a kick out of this.


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