Dallas Cowboys- The sorry franchise

The Dallas Cowgirls will now start Garret Gilbert or Cooper Rush. I cannot believe I am writing this but my dad has become a Cowboys fan. I will never support the Cowboys because of when Tony Romo cried on the field on National Television after messing up the game winning field goal in a playoff game.

The Cowboys have much more problems then who their new quarterback is. Someone please explain why Jerry Jones hasn’t signed Collin Kaepernick yet. With the talent available I believe Kaepernick will be able to step in and make the Cowboys a playoff team in the weak NFC East.

I know why they aren’t signing them. It is because the NFL is racist and the Cowboys are racist. I told my dad week 1 that the Cowboys should sign Antonio Brown and Colin Kaepernick. If I was running the Cowboys I would not care about the “reputation of the team” because right now they are the laughing stock of the NFL. Football is about winning and if the general manager isn’t doing everything in their power to win games, he should be fired.

-Maxwell Schildcrout

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