Fransicso Lindor

I remember getting an autograph from a random prospect when at the Cleveland Indians game years ago with my dad. I had to look up the prospects name after, it was Fransico Lindor. That will forever be my favorite piece of memorabilia I’ve ever received.

This was a baseball player that nobody knew at the time. Now he is one of the most sought-after players during the MLB offseason. Any team can use a utility switch hitting middle infielder. The Mets need him. The Yankees need him. The Texas Rangers need him.

Baseball will always be my passion. I am not writing about baseball because it is hard to make stories during the off-season.

Wherever Lindor ends up he will make an immediate impact. I hope everyone remembers my name, I am a nobody, I am Max Schildcrout. I was “traded from Binghamton to UT” whatever Binghamton gave up in the trade was not worth it. I am worth the investment, I will be famous one day.

-Maxwell Schildcrout

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