MNF Preview Seahawks vs Eagles

Seahawks vs Eagles 

Seahawks -6.5 LOCK 

Over 49 LOCK 

Why the Seahawks will win + cover the spread 

            In Russel Wilson’s career he is 5-0 against the Eagles 

This season they are 2-3 on the road and 5-0 at home

                        After tonight they will be 3-3 on the road

                        At home Russel Wilson has 19 TD 2 INT and a QBR of 127.3

                        On the road he has 11 TD 8 INT and a QBR of 98.3 

                        He started off great and has progressively gotten worse 

                                    September QBR: 139.0

                                    October QBR: 97.1 

                                    November QBR: 99.3 

                        Russel Wilson is not my MVP, Kyler Murray is my MVP 

                                    Kyler Murray has 29 touchdowns (19 throwing and 10 rushing) 

                                    Aaron Rodgers is who I think deserves MVP

                                                33 Touchdowns (#1 in the league)

                                                4 Interceptions 

                                                Passer Rating: 117.6 (#1 in the league) 

            The offensive player to watch in this game is Chris Carson

                        Russel Wilson is the leading rusher for the Seahawks with 367 yards and 1 TD 

                                    That is because Carson has been injured the past 4 games 

Before his injury he was averaging 19.8 Fantasy points per game in the first 5 weeks of the season

Russel Wilson was forced to be the QB and RB but now that they have their starting RB left he can focus on getting back to his MVP caliber self 

            The defensive player to watch in this game is Jamal Adams 

                        This hurts me as a Jets fan 

He leads the team in both Sacks (5.5) and TFL (8) he has 1 Pass Deflection and 1 Forced Fumble 

He is a safety but the Seahawks have been utilizing him however they feel will give them the best chance to win

            Whatever his assignment is he needs to complete 

I think he should be a DPOY candidate

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