The Future of the NBA is in LA

This week has been a crazy week for NBA extensions. Most importantly, the extensions the Lakers signed are significant for the future of the NBA. They locked up LeBron James for two more years and signed a long term deal for Anthony Davis.

LeBron signed a 2-year $85 million deal, and Anthony Davis signed a 5-year $190 million deal, locking the two best players in the league into the Lakers. LeBron is eligible for a new contract once his son, Bronny, is eligible for the NBA Draft. They will probably change straight out of high school rule, and I believe Bronny will be drafted top 3 overall in 2023.

My bold take: LeBron and Davis win two more championships in LA, completing the 3-peat that LeBron was never able to accomplish early in his career. LeBron will then retire with six rings tying Jordan. He will pass Kareem for the most points of all time. LeBron’s retirement will be temporary; he will become the head coach of whatever team drafts his son. He will develop his son into the stud we all believe he can become. LeBron will then come out of retirement, just like Jordan, sign a 2-year contract to play with his son and win 7 or 8 rings and retire the undisputed greatest of all time.

The MJ vs. LeBron debate is getting old. Anyone that thinks Jordan is better is either a LeBron hater or has never seen Jordan play and is basing their argument on rings. Jordan is 6-0, but LeBron has revolutionized the NBA more than Jordan ever did. LeBron is the first to win the finals with three different teams, but he will be the first player to win a ring with four other teams when he wins with his son.

LeBron is the greatest player ever; Anthony Davis is the greatest player in the NBA today. When LeBron retires, I am very excited to see what Anthony Davis can accomplish with the future Lakers. These contract extensions prove that the Lakers are all in on Davis and James; they will do whatever it takes to stay at the top and remain the most fantastic sports history franchise.

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