How the NFL can increase viewership!

Have at least one game every day of the week
Whenever there is an NFL game on, they dominate the ratings. A Wednesday night game with RG3 for the Ravens against the Steelers got over 11 million viewers. Why not make “primetime everyday”?

I understand the need for similar rest schedules. These are professional athletes; they will never have to play a game within 4 or 5 days of each other. It will be better for football fans to have fun every day, and more importantly, it will help the NFL. The NFL has effectively taken over Sunday. Most fans sit and watch every game, but not every fan. People have to work on Sunday and spend time with their family. To maximize viewership, they should have a primetime contest every single night.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we function as a society, there are new social norms, and we are now, more than ever, in the technology age. I can do a sports show every day on zoom with my friends from around the country. We are becoming more connected as a society, not more isolated. You can Facetime or make scheduled zoom calls with your friends to stay safe and still have fun.

I am excited about the future. If COVID is a reality we all have to deal with, or if it goes away, there is a bright future for our generation. The time is now for our generation to take over the world.

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