Super Bowl Contender = The Titans

The team that has the best chance to win and make a deep playoff run is the Tennessee Titans.

Last year all the Titans did was run with Derrick Henry. They adapt, and Ryan Tannehill can effectively throw the ball and run the play-action, so they don’t have to rely heavily on Henry.

The Titans last year in the playoffs beat the Patriots with Brady, the Ravens with Lamar. They were also up by 10 points in the AFC championship game in the 4th quarter against the Chiefs, but Mahomes proved he is clutch and could come back and win the Super Bowl.

There are so many factors into winning the super bowl; you have to have a perfect playoffs, and the only half that matters is the 2nd half. We have seen Brady come back from 28-3 and Mahomes lead countless comebacks in his early career.

I LOVE the Titans. They are the safest bet and the best team to go far in the playoffs. The adjustments they made will make them unstoppable in the playoffs, and Mike Vrabel will hoist the Lombardi at the end of the season, with Derrick Henry winning the MVP!

Tennessee Tough is the team’s mantra. They will make the Super Bowl because of their grit and resilience. They know that a game isn’t over until the clock hits 0:00.

The Browns victory over the Titans in week 13 means nothing to me as a Titans supporter. What means more to me is the 2 touchdowns scored in 55 seconds to make the game competitive. They were unsuccessful with the onside kick, but they will play better in future weeks and won’t give up that many points to an overrated Browns team.

In the first half the Browns were winning 38-7. The Titans won the second half 28-3. They lost the game 41-35 but if those halftime splits don’t tell you something, I don’t know what to tell you.

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