Why Aaron Donald is the LeBron James of the NFL

He is the most excellent defender in the league, and he deserves to win DPOY and MVP every season. He may not because people hate greatness, and they hate when people dominate their craft. I love excellence and embrace players who dominate and do everything to improve because they are never good enough. That’s why my favorite NFL player is Aaron Donald, and my favorite NBA player is LeBron (the goat) James.

I asked my boys at StretchZone why doesn’t LeBron win MVP every year if Aaron Donald can? They said because the NBA “found” new metrics that determine who the MVP is. That is a joke, everyone is biased against LeBron, and he deserves 10-15 MVP awards. MVP is the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. I would love for someone to tell me how LeBron isn’t the most valuable player for whatever team he is on.

If Aaron Donald can keep winning countless DPOY awards, LeBron deserves MVP every year.

We need to stop thinking of fancy statistics and metrics for simple awards. The ROY is the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR; the MVP is the Most Valuable Player, the COY is the Coach of the Year; it doesn’t matter if it is the same person every year. If I was in the NBA or NFL, and I saw the same person winning the same award every year, that would motivate me, even more, to take away the throne.

People play with an extra edge against great competition. That’s why when Brady, LeBron, or even Rodger Federer lose; it’s considered an upset!

The only player that might come in 2nd place for DPOY voting is TJ Watt. Aaron Donald took the sack lead in the first half against the Cardinals in week 13. The difference between Donald and Watt is that Donald has 4 forced fumbles compared to Watt who has 0.

Aaron Donald is the undisputed DPOY in my eyes, let’s see how the season ends.

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