The Best Young QB

Without a doubt, it is Patrick Mahomes. He can do what he can do and make his receivers look like studs because he is the greatest QB in the league today. The only way Mahomes doesn’t win MVP is if he loses a couple of games and Rodgers wins out.
Kyler Murray has been somewhat successful because he has the most excellent receiving core in the NFL today. Hopkins, Fitzgerald, and Kirk. No team in the league has better 1, 2, and 3 receivers than the Cardinals. He also has an offense that revolves around him, throwing the ball as much as he can. If Mahomes were playing in Arizona with those weapons, he would never lose a game.

Football’s beauty is that one player cannot win you a game or even a super bowl. It is a team effort, and Mahomes has a good team, but I am sick of people saying he isn’t good because of all the weapons he has surrounding him. The Cardinals have much better weapons, they don’t have a defense, which is another conversation, but Mahomes is great because Mahomes is excellent. It is not because of the weapons he has because I can argue that the Cowboys have a better receiving core than the Chiefs.

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