Bill Walsh is the founder of the West Coast Offense (now called the Spread Offense)

It’s what Sean McVay is running in LA, and a lot of teams use it. The chiefs don’t have to and are still successful because they run motions and don’t need to run the play-action pass. The game has changed, and not that many teams have a big running back that’ll go through the tackles and grind out yards. Instead, Walsh discovered that teams should throw the ball 3,4,5 yards at a time and eventually get a first down by doing slants, crossing routes, and the short ins and outs. On Wikipedia, the west coast offense is “characterized by short, horizontal passing routes in lieu of running plays to “stretch out” defenses, opening up the potential for long runs or long passes.”

Bill Walsh redefined the game of football. “In order to talk about sports you have to know about the history and the way the team runs their system.” (Vic from Stretchzone). “The jets have always been bad. When you look at NY sports teams, the knicks are like the jets and the nets are like the giants. They don’t associate with each other” (Vic from Stretchzone)
Some teams are bad forever because they are big-market teams (NY), and they have loyal fan bases and run themselves into the ground but still sell tickets giving fans false hope.

Most teams adopted Walsh’s offensive scheme.

Other teams have entirely different offensive schemes. It depends on the head coach. But you see, the coaches that do use the West coast or a spread offense are generally successful.

The Cowboys screwed up by giving a massive contract to Zeke and Amari Cooper and not giving the defense any help by cutting salaries. Vic from Stretchzone says, “They should’ve paid Jalen Ramsey instead of Zeke.”

I completely agree with Vic. You should not spend money on a running back that will never last more than six years of reliable production. Rare occasions (like Adrian Peterson, Derrick Henry). Also, why a WR and why Amari Cooper? They felt attached because they made a trade for him. The Cowboys will never be good until they lose out, have a good draft and gut the system and rebuild. Get rid of Zeke, get rid of Amari, extend Dak.
I hate the Cowboys, but y’all should take my advice.

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