Justin Herbet

Max Kellerman said on First Take Friday morning that Herbert is a top 6 quarterback in the NFL.

Max Kellerman’s list is:

  1. Mahomes
  2. Rodgers
  3. Wilson
  4. Watson
  5. Josh Allen
  6. Herbert

I have to disagree with this hot take, Justin Herbet has looked impressive but he is no where near the top of the quarterback class. Next year he will only move farther down the list when Trevor Lawrence is drafted.

Max Schildcrout’s top 32 QB’s RIGHT NOW (this season):

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Pat Mahomes
  3. Russell Wilson
  4. Lamar Jackson
  5. Deshaun Watson
  6. Josh Allen
  7. Tom Brady
  8. Drew Brees
  9. Baker Mayfield
  10. Ryan Tannehill
  11. Kyler Murray
  12. Phillip Rivers
  13. Ben Roethlisberger
  14. Dak Prescott
  15. Derrick Carr
  16. Justin Herbet
  17. Kirk Cousins
  18. Teddy Bridgewater
  19. Tua Tagovailoa
  20. Joe Burrow
  21. Mitchell Trubisky
  22. Jared Goff
  23. Matthew Stafford
  24. Matt Ryan
  25. Jalen Hurts
  26. Gardner Minshew II
  27. Cam Newton
  28. Alex Smith
  29. Drew Lock
  30. Nick Mullens
  31. Sam Darnold
  32. Daniel Jones
  33. Carson Wentz

I can name 15 Quarterbacks better than Herbert right now and that doesn’t include Trevor Lawrence.

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