Game Picks Recap from the Weekend

CFB Championship Saturday 

3-0 ATS

Clemson -10.5 vs Notre Dame

Oklahoma -5.5 vs Iowa State

Florida +17 vs Alabama 

NFL Saturday 

3-0-1 ATS

NFL Sunday 


3-13. Colts won by 7 spread 7.5, Bucs won by 4 spread 6.5, Vikings lost outright, Seahawks won by 5 spread 6.5


1-4-1 (1-1-1 for game picks) Jets won vs Rams spread Rams -17. Jets v Rams over didn’t hit (43.5) point total was 43.

All my research for this week was picking the best team and I thought they would all cover the spread! I realized that the best team doesn’t always win, especially doesn’t always cover the spread. I have a bunch of great applications and research tools to successfully pick games but I didn’t use any of them this week, instead I picked every favorite except for the Patriots (and they lost). My dad says that if you predict every game you are bound for a bad week, but this week is over and I’m ready for next week!

SNF: Giants +7 and Under 45

MNF: I like the Steelers ML but I will do more research tomorrow to pick the spread to the best of my ability.

“It’s not about how you win it’s about how you handle your losses!” -Max S

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