Longhorns Baseball

I’m going to start researching and reporting on college baseball once the NFL season is over. The college baseball season is scheduled to begin on February 19th, 2021, but it will not be average due to COVID. I cannot wait for Longhorns baseball; they already rank in the top 25 in most preseason polls. They also added a fantastic recruiting class, ranked #1 in the nation for a long time.

Longhorns 2021 Recruiting Class
Jack Arthur RHP
Alec Grossman RHP
Jace Hutchins RHP
Carson McKinney RHP
Cameron O’Banan RHP
Joshua Stewart RHP
Luke Harrison LHP
Gavin Kash 1B
Gage Wakefield OF
Ace Whitehead OF

In 2019 Texas went 7-16 in the Big 12 and 27-27 overall.
2021 will be a great year for all of Longhorns sports. Hopefully the Longhorns get a new football coach, but the basketball and baseball programs look promising.

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