Max’s Lock of the Week Recap

Buccaneers @ Falcons Lock of the week lost, but the Buccaneers won a must needed game by 4 points after trailing the entire game. Leonard Fournette was short of the first down, and the referees and replay review team blew the call and gave the Buccaneers the first down. So much for covering; at least they won the game. The week’s lock didn’t hit, and I don’t care, but it is pathetic how the officials cannot get a spot correct (even after a replay review).
My takeaway from this game is Tom Brady solidified himself as the greatest of all time. I do not know my record for week 15 so far, but I will continue to do more research, and I’ll be able to predict games better each week. I am excited about the playoffs because there will be many games and many opportunities to make money back on the wrong beat we all experienced with the Buccaneers. Tom Brady is the GOAT because the year he left, the Patriots ended their playoff appearance streak, and also the Buccaneers ended the playoff drought (which was the longest in the NFC).

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