Greatest NFL Coach of All Time

The way that people judge the greatest coaches is by wins and losses. Don Shula has 328 regular season wins. His coaching record is 328-156-6 (.676) he also is the only coach to have an undefeated season in the regular season and playoffs.

The only person that is close to Shula is Belichick and he is not even close. Belichick is 49 regular season wins away from Shula’s record which will take another 5 years of 10 win seasons, I am not saying that is not able to be achieved, but right now the greatest coach of all time is Don Shula and it is not even close. Shula had 1 undefeated season (1972 Dolphins) but 2 1-loss seasons. Shula won at least 10 games per season 21 times in his 33 year career. He made the playoffs 20 times in his 33 year career. He won games by putting up 13 points and 6 points before the NFL became a high scoring league.

“He’s the grandfather of football!” -Vic from StretchZone

Belichick created a dynasty because of the system him and Saban run. Shula is responsible for creating the first dynasties in NFL History. Belichick and Saban were both products of the Bill Walsh era. The system that Belichick and Saban have been running is that it doesn’t matter who the personnel is as long as you do your job and complete individual assignments.

The Patriots dynasty is over and we are living in the Chiefs dynasty under Andy Reid. The game is forever changing, but we cannot give credit to the coaches of today without mentioning Bill Walsh and Don Shula, the coaches of the past!

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