Why the NFL should get rid of weather

Every stadium should be in an air conditioned dome.

It is not fair that warm weather teams have to play in the snow when they play teams up north in December and January. The NFL should eliminate weather as a factor to increase the integrity of the game while allowing there to be a completely fair playing field. My proposition will eliminate snow, rain, wind and temperature from influencing the outcome of the game.

The “Sleet Bowl” in 1993 on Thanksgiving which featured the Cowboys vs the Dolphins the ice on the field cause the Cowboys to lose. Emmitt Smith said, “It was so bad that we might as well have worn ice skates.”

The football also deflates when temperatures drop significantly. We all know how much NFL fans love deflated footballs.

Cold weather teams have many advantages over domed stadium teams. To fix this the NFL should mandate that every NFL team has an air conditioned dome as their home field!

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