Why is Luka Doncic not in the MVP consideration?

The answer because of team success. There has only been one MVP in NBA history from a non playoff team (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1975-1976).

The question is, since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar why is the MVP award concerned with team success rather than personal achievements?

Why is Luka Doncic not the leading candidate for MVP this year?

Doncic is number 5 in scoring (29.1 ppg), number 18 in rebounds (8.6 rpg), number 3 in assists (9.4 apg), number 1 in triple doubles (7), number 13 in double doubles (14), and number 7 in player efficiency (26.84)

The Mavericks are 13-15 (10th seed in the West). With the new playoff format, if the season ended today the Mavs would be in the play in tournament (no different than the 7 seed).

My preseason choice for MVP was Doncic and I have a great track record with my future predictions. It is about time we eliminate team success from determining the MVP conversation!!

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