Redrafting the number 1 overall pick NFL 1989-1999

1999: Browns: Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse (2nd pick in 1999). Actual pick (Tim Couch QB)

1998: Colts: Peyton Manning QB Tennessee (1st pick in 1998). Actual pick (Peyton Manning QB)

1997: Rams: Jason Taylor DE Akron (73rd pick in 1997). Actual pick (Orlando Pace OT)

1996: Jets: Ray Lewis LB Miami (FL) (26th pick in 1996). Actual pick (Keyshawn Johnson WR)

1995: Bengals: Derrick Brooks LB Florida State (28th pick in 1995). Actual pick (Ki-Jana Carter RB)

1994: Bengals: Marshall Faulk RB San Diego State (2nd pick in 1994). Actual pick (Dan Wilkinson DT)

1993: Patriots: Michael Strahan DE Texas Southern (40th pick in 1993). Actual pick (Drew Bledsoe QB)

1992: Colts: Troy Vincent DB Wisconsin (7th pick in 1992). Actual pick (Steve Emtman DE)

1991: Cowboys: Aeneas Williams DB Southern (59th pick in 1991). Actual pick (Russell Maryland DT)

1990: Colts: Emmitt Smith RB Florida (17th pick in 1990). Actual pick (Jeff George QB)

1989: Cowboys: Troy Aikman QB UCLA (1st pick in 1989). Actual pick (Troy Aikman QB)

Teams where the pick stayed the same: Cowboys 1989 & Colts 1998

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