NFL Week 1 QB Projections

Cowboys- Dak Prescott Mississippi State (franchise tag)

Giants- Daniel Jones Duke (on roster)

Eagles- Jalen Hurts Alabama & Oklahoma (on roster)

Football Team- Taylor Heinicke Old Dominion (on roster)

Seahawks- Russell Wilson Wisconsin (on roster)

Cardinals- Kyler Murray Oklahoma (on roster)

49ers- Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois (on roster)

Rams- Matthew Stafford Georgia (on roster)

Packers- Aaron Rodgers California (on roster)

Bears- Mitch Trubisky North Carolina (on roster)

Vikings- Kirk Cousins Michigan State (on roster)

Saints- Justin Fields Ohio State (draft) (only if Brees retires)

Buccaneers- Tom Brady Michigan (on roster)

Panthers- Mac Jones Alabama (draft)

Falcons- Matt Ryan Boston College (on roster)

Bills- Josh Allen Wyoming (on roster)

Jets- Deshaun Watson Clemson (trade)

Patriots- Gardner Minshew II Washington State (trade)

Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa Alabama (on roster)

Chiefs- Patrick Mahomes Texas A&M (on roster)

Raiders- Derek Carr Fresno State (on roster)

Chargers- Justin Herbert Oregon (on roster)

Broncos- Trey Lance North Dakota State (draft)

Steelers- Ben Roethlisberger Miami (OH) (on roster)

Browns- Baker Mayfield Oklahoma (on roster)

Ravens- Lamar Jackson Louisville (on roster)

Bengals- Joe Burrow LSU (on roster)

Titans- Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M (on roster)

Colts- Carson Wentz North Dakota State (on roster)

Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence Clemson (draft)

Texans- Sam Darnold USC (trade)

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