Big 12 MLB Draft Class through round 10

Texas Tech (7):
Cal Conley SS 4th round 126th overall to Atlanta Braves
Dru Baker 3B 4th round 130th overall to Tampa Bay Rays
Braxton Fulford C 6th round 170th overall to Colorado Rockies
Mason Montgomery P 6th round 191st overall to Tampa Bay Rays
Ryan Sublette P 7th round 222nd overall to Los Angeles Dodgers 
Hunter Dobbins P 8th round 226th overall to Boston Red Sox
Pat Monteverde P 8th round 239th overall to Miami Marlins

Texas (3): 
Ty Madden P 32nd overall to Detroit Tigers
Mike Antico OF 8th round 241st overall to St Louis Cardinals
Cole Quintanilla P 9th round 263rd overall to Washington Nationals 

Kansas State (3): 
Jordan Wicks P 1st round 21st overall to Chicago Cubs
Carson Seymour P 6th round 172nd overall to New York Mets
Zach Kokoska OF 10th round 290th overall to Colorado Rockies

Oklahoma (3): 
Tyler Hardman 1B 5th round 153rd overall to New York Yankees
Wyatt Olds P 7th round 196th overall to Boston Red Sox
Jason Ruffcorn P 8th round 235th overall to Philadelphia Phillies

West Virginia (2):
Jackson Wolf P 4th round 129th overall to San Diego Padres
Ryan Bergert P 6th round 190th overall to San Diego Padres

TCU (1): 
Russell Smith P 2nd round 51st overall to Milwaukee Brewers 

Oklahoma State (1):
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 3B 4th round 128th overall to Minnesota Twins

Baylor (1):
Andy Thomas C 5th round 144th overall to Seattle Mariners 

Kansas (0)

Iowa State (0)

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