Heisman Trophy Predictions (9.27.21)

Top 5 odds leaders (according to Bovada):
1. Matt Corral QB Ole Miss (+130)
2. Bryce Young QB Alabama (+200)
3. Desmond Ridder QB Cincinnati (+1500)
4. Spencer Rattler QB Oklahoma (+2200)
5. JT Daniels QB Georgia (+2500)

Case for/against each of the top 5:
Matt Corral- QBRTG: 9th, Completion %: 25th, Yards per pass thrown: 4th, INT: 0 (1st). Notable wins: None. Games to watch: 10/2 @ Alabama, 10/9 vs Arkansas, 10/30 @ Auburn, 11/13 vs Texas A&M

Bryce Young- QBRTG: 6th, Completion %: 13th, Yards per pass thrown: 22nd, INT: 1 (15th). Notable wins: @ Miami (#14), @ Florida (#11). Games to watch: 10/2 vs Ole Miss, 10/9 @ Texas A&M, 11/20 vs Arkansas, 11/27 @ Auburn

Desmond Ridder- QBRTG: 25th, Completion %: 48th, Yards per pass thrown: 28th, INT: 2 (39th). Notable wins: @ Indiana. Games to watch: 10/2 @ Notre Dame

Spencer Rattler- QBRTG: 37th, Completion %: 7th, Yards per pass thrown: 63rd, INT: 3 (70th). Notable wins: None. Games to watch: 10/9 vs Texas, 11/13 @ Baylor, 11/27 @ Oklahoma State

JT Daniels- QBRTG: 30th, Completion %: 3rd, Yards per pass thrown: 47th, INT: 2 (39th). Notable wins: @ Clemson (#3). Games to watch: 10/2 vs Arkansas, 10/9 @ Auburn, 10/30 @ Florida

Right now, the race for the Heisman Trophy is clearly between the 2 top quarterbacks this year (Matt Corral and Bryce Young). Lucky for college football fans, these two QBs face off this weekend in Tuscaloosa for a must-watch game. If Corral can lead Ole Miss to an upset, he will put himself ahead of the pack in Heisman trophy odds. If both quarterbacks struggle this weekend, the door may be left open for a late-season run at the trophy by JT Daniels, considering his three games vs. top 25 teams in October.

Spencer Rattler, who opened the season as the favorite, has struggled early and looks out of contention for the Heisman. Desmond Ridder should finish the year with excellent statistical numbers; however, playing in a non-power five school with a lack of national coverage may hurt his chances at the award this year.

Heisman trophy pick (after week 4): Bryce Young QB Alabama (+200)
Dark horse pick: JT Daniels QB Georgia (+2500)

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