Top 5 Candidates for 6th man of the year in the NBA (so far)

1. Tyler Herro SG Miami Heat. 27.0 PPG (17th), 6.0 RPG (>50th), 5.0 APG (37th)

2. Montrezl Harrell C Washington Wizards. 18.0 PPG (>50th), 8.0 RPG (40th), 1.5 APG (>50th)

3. Andre Drummond C Philadelphia 76ers. 5.0 PPG (>50th), 13.5 RPG (5th), 2.5 APG (>50th)

4. Nemanja Bjelica SF Golden State Warriors. 10.5 PPG (>50th), 8.5 RPG (36th), 2.0 APG (>50th)

5. Patty Mills SG Brooklyn Nets. 16.0 PPG (>50th), 2.0 RPG (>50th), 2.0 APG (>50th)

Honorable mention: Buddy shield Sacramento Kings

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