1981 NFL Re-Draft (1st Round)

The redraft picks are based on the same position drafted by the organization in 1981.

  1. New Orleans Saints: James Brooks RB Auburn (Actual pick: George Rogers RB)
  2. New York Giants: Lawrence Taylor LB UNC (Actual pick: Lawrence Taylor LB)
  3. New York Jets: Freeman McNeil RB UCLA (Actual pick: Freeman McNeil RB)
  4. Seattle Seahawks: Ronnie Lott DB USC (Actual pick: Kenny Easley S)
  5. St Louis Cardinals: Mike Singletary LB Baylor (Actual pick: EJ Junior LB)
  6. Green Bay Packers: Neil Lomax QB Portland State (Actual pick: Rich Campbell QB)
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Rickey Jackson LB Pittsburgh (Actual pick: Hugh Green LB)
  8. San Fransisco 49ers: Dennis Smith DB USC (Actual pick: Ronnie Lott CB)
  9. Los Angeles Rams: David Little LB Florida (Actual pick: Mel Owens LB)
  10. Cincinnati Bengals: Cris Collinsworth WR Florida (Actual pick: David Verser WR)
  11. Chicago Bears: Tim Irwin OT Tennessee (Actual pick: Keith Van Horne OT)
  12. Baltimore Colts: James Wilder RB Missouri (Actual pick: Randy McMillan RB)
  13. Miami Dolphins: George Rogers RB South Carolina (Actual pick: David Overstreet RB)
  14. Kansas City Chiefs: Hoby Brenner TE USC (Actual pick: Willie Scott TE)
  15. Denver Broncos: Hanford Dixon DB Southern Miss (Actual pick: Dennis Smith S)
  16. Detroit Lions: Charlie Brown WR South Carolina State (Actual pick: Mark Nichols WR)
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dexter Manley DE Oklahoma State (Actual pick: Keith Gary (DE)
  18. Baltimore Colts: Darryl Grant DT Rice (Actual pick: Donnell Thompson DT)
  19. New England Patriots: Ken Lanier OT Florida State (Actual pick: Brian Holloway OT)
  20. Washington Redskins: Keith Van Horne OT USC (Actual pick: Mark May OT)
  21. Oakland Raiders: Kenny Easley DB UCLA (Actual pick: Ted Watts CB)
  22. Cleveland Browns: Eric Wright DB Missouri (Actual pick: Hanford Dixon CB)
  23. Oakland Raiders: Brian Holloway OT Stanford (Actual pick: Curt Marsh OT)
  24. San Diego Chargers: Stump Mitchell RB The Citadel (Actual pick: James Brooks RB)
  25. Atlanta Falcons: Bobby Butler DB Florida State (Actual pick: Bobby Butler CB)
  26. Dallas Cowboys: Eric Sanders OT Nevada (Actual pick: Howard Richards OT)
  27. Philadelphia Eagles: Jim Wilks DE San Diego State (Actual pick: Leonard Mitchell DE)
  28. Buffalo Bills: Randy McMillan RB Pittsburgh (Actual pick: Booker Moore RB)
  29. New Orleans Saints: Wade Wilson QB Texas A&M-Commerce (Actual pick: Dave Wilson QB)

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