What’s the best-run organization right now in the NFL?

When you are answering that question, there are multiple factors, including coaching and drafting/scouting. The best-run organization right now for me is the Patriots. It is the Patriots because of what Robert Kraft has allowed Bill Belicheck to do with the Patriots. Belicheck’s philosophy is that he has to run the entire organization from Top to Bottom. He was unsuccessful as a head coach for the Browns because he had too many people to answer to and couldn’t run the team the “Belicheck way.” Kraft has put his faith in Belicheck and allowed him to be the head coach, defensive coordinator, head scout, and general manager all in one. The Patriots have been so successful and remain successful because they play under and for Bill Belicheck.

Belichick and Saban are best friends and are both at the top of their leagues. NFL and CFB. Every year after the season, Belichick and Saban sit down and discuss the season and how the game is evolving, and how they have to adjust their gameplans accordingly. People forget that Saban was a head coach in the NFL, too, but he wasn’t able to run a team from Top to Bottom. He can do that in Alabama and has created a dynasty similar to the Patriots at the college football level.

There is a reason why they are at the top of their leagues. They have the same mindset, and they both need full power and control to run their teams. Belichick and Saban answer to no one and Robert Kraft sits back and collects checks.

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