Why the Dolphins will make the playoffs this year

They are hungry and young. The Dolphins have all bought into Brian Flores, and they play together as one unit defensively. They are still young, so it is tough to predict, but they will be a force in the AFC for years to come with their excellent young core and head coach. 

It is not a matter of who wants it more because everyone wants to win every game they play. It’s a matter of who is more prepared and more willing to put in the work, and the Dolphins have proved me wrong this year, and I look forward to seeing the Dolphins in the playoffs this year and many years to come. They are the real deal. 

They have no consistency on offense because they keep switching back and forth between Fitzpatrick and Tua, but next year Tua will have a fantastic year as he has been showing us glimmers of hope for the Dolphins’ future. 

How they make the playoffs is by winning against the Bills in week 17. If they don’t win, they need help, but I think they will make the playoffs because I believe the Steelers will beat the Browns with Mason Rudolph as the starting quarterback. 

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